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About September 13, 2011

Those of you who visited the ‘original’ Bear Mountain Bull site already what this place is about. But for any new visitors, here’s the little blurb from the other site:

Bear Mountain Bull is the work of a software engineer, who after nearly 20 years in the computer business, just got tired of writing the same code over and over for different projects at different companies.

He decided to spend a little more time managing his investments, and learned enough about technical analysis to be dangerous to his account balance. He is of the belief that success in investing is attained by being in the right areas of the market at the right times, and that the secret to accumulating wealth has much to do with spending less than you make, and staying out of debt.

Oh yeah – his number one rule of investing? Never lose big.

Randy Schneider
Central Texas, USA

You can reach BMB by email:
bull at bearmountainbull dot com

If that doesn’t work, try:
bmbull at sbcglobal dot net

He can also be found on twitter @bmbull


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Going to miss it & you Randy. We see eye-to-eye on many an issue.

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