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Gibson Government Series February 1, 2014

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Definitely an “in your face” kinda thing. Good for them.

Great Gibson electric guitars have long been a means of fighting the establishment, so when the powers that be confiscated stocks of tonewoods from the Gibson factory in Nashville—only to return them once there was a resolution and the investigation ended—it was an event worth celebrating. Introducing the Government Series II Les Paul, a striking new guitar from Gibson USA for 2014 that suitably marks this infamous time in Gibson’s history.

Click to see the guitar:

Link via Joe_in_Indiana on Twitter.


Merry Christmas December 24, 2013

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Let’s go with Greg Lake this year…



Blue Moon July 9, 2013

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Mark Knopfler will play anything – he don’t care…

Is this great or what? Like a commenter said:

Yeah, especially when flanked by Scotty AND Albert Lee!



Stars And Stripes Forever July 4, 2013

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I’d seen Chet play this before, but somebody on Twitter just reminded me of it, and today seemed like a good day for it.

Chet Atkins was just simply amazing. There’s no other way to put it.


And while we’re at it, how ’bout a little more Chet, along with another one of my favorites…



Memorial Day May 27, 2013

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“We will remember them…”



Privateers On Tour April 30, 2013

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Mark Knopfler and the band have begun their “Privateering” tour — no US dates, unfortunately.

A couple members of the band — Guy Fletcher (keyboards, vocals) and Richard Bennett (guitar) — somehow manage to find the time to post their ‘diaries’ from the road. Fascinating to read about the cities, venues, music, travel — and FOOD! These guys eat well on the road, for sure…

You can find Guy’s “European Tour Diary 2013” here, and here are Richard’s “Notes From The Road”. You can keep up with Guy Fletcher on Facebook and Richard Bennett on Twitter.


Seattle April 7, 2013

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Never been there (though the BMWife did spend some college time there, and a nephew lives there now). But Tim Knight is visiting there this weekend, and talked a little bit about it on his site.

And that provides us with a great excuse to put up another Mark Knopfler tune…(vocal harmony by Ruth Moody).